Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases

The Eco-epidemiology lab is a partner of CDC NE Regional Center, which comprises a highly skilled team of experts across the region to address our most pressing educational and applied research needs. This team includes medical entomologists, virologists, epidemiologists, ecologists, modelers and molecular biologists across the spectrum of academic institutions.

The goals of the CDC NE Regional Center are:

1- Conduct applied research to develop and validate effective vector borne disease prevention and control tools and methods necessary to anticipate and respond to disease outbreaks.

2- Train a cadre of public health entomologists with the knowledge and skills required to rapidly detect, prevent and respond to vector-borne disease threats in the United States.

3- Build effective collaborations between academic communities and public health organizations at federal, state, and local levels for vector borne disease surveillance, response and prevention. 

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Other collaborators

Adalgisa Caccone – Yale University – Link

Peter Krause – Yale School of Public Health – Link

Choukri Ben Mamoun – Yale School of Medicine – Link

Linda Bockenstedt – Yale School of Medicine – Link

Stephen Davis – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Link

Sergio Kolokotronis – Fordham University – Link

Yi-Pin Lin – New York Health Department – Link 

Richard Falco – New York Health Department

Ben AdamsLink

Leonid ChindelevitchLink

Thomas Daniels – Fordham University – Link